What are Different Types of ICT Skills and How to Boost Them

There are various kinds of ICT skills, some of which are listed and briefly described below:

  • Management of Social Media

There are many jobs which demands you to use social media. For example: The persons working in marketing tried their best to make sure the social media presence of their company. Employers are increasingly seeking candidates with a rudimentary understanding of social media, even if it is not a crucial aspect of their job. As much you learn about the advantages and limitations of social media, the more efficiently you start to use it in effective way at your workplace.

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Tweeter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Social Media Groups


  • Email Setup and Management

To communicate via email effectively and successfully is really a critical to any job. It will be needed to you to send email to your companions, employer and your clients etc. Professional and well-written emails are expected to the employees of a company along with the quick response of all the emails received in their inbox.

It could also be necessary to you to adjust settings or set up email accounts on various work devices, depending on the amount of skill required by your company.

    • Gmail and G-Suite
    • MS Outlook
    • Groove
    • Hotmail
    • Yahoo
    • Digital Signatures
    • Spam Settings
    • Inbox Management
    • Creating Rules


  • Data Management and Queries

From academics to administrative assistants to K-12 teachers, practically everyone should be able to create and manage data using spreadsheets. They must also be able to evaluate the data and spot patterns and trends. Today’s job market demands proficiency with applications like Microsoft Excel.

    • MS Excel
    • SQL (Structured Query Language )
    • My SQL
    • Filters
    • Quantitative Analysis


  • Desktop Publishing

The process of desktop publishing involves producing content that is printed and delivered. These can include newsletters, brochures and fliers and many more. There are many jobs which demands you to have some basic knowledge in this field as you can create so much using desktop publishing software. The people with brilliant and creative eye can be good at desktop publishing and anyone can become better with practice.

    • MS Publisher
    • MS Power Point
    • MS Word
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Print Setting
    • QuarkXPress


  • Online Research


About every job require some online research. You need to be able to filter through all the material online to locate what you need, whether you are seeking up fresh lesson plans in a subject or reading up on the most recent events involving a rival organization to your own. Basic online information management skills are involved in it.

    • Online Forums
    • Search Engine Research
    • Checking Sources
    • FAQs


  • Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration is a wide category which means to share data and information to your colleagues i.e, employer, client and employees etc. This involves scheduling a meeting on a group calendar that is shared online, giving input on a paper using a web-based document tool, and hosting an online video conference with coworkers.

    • Video Conferencing Software
    • Skype
    • GoToMeeting
    • Instant Messaging
    • Google Docs
    • File Sharing
    • Drop Box Pro
    • Zoom
    • Slack


  • Word Processing

Nowadays, it is required of job hopefuls to be proficient in word processing software. The ability to generate written materials using a word processing program like Microsoft Word is required of candidates. This includes business letters, meeting minutes, and more.

  • MS Word
  • Libre Office Writer
  • Typing
  • Note Taking
  • Transcription


  • Smartphones and Tablets

It is demanded to employees to use smartphones and tablets for efficient working. The employers also provide them phones so that they can access them by contact or through emails during working hours. So it is necessary to know the use of a smartphone.

    • Android Device
    • iPhones
    • Blackberry Devices
    • Tablets
    • iPads

These were some ICT skills


How to Boost Your ICT Skills

Do you feel that your ICT skills are not as good as you want them to be?

Is there a particular skill you are struggling with?

Here are some tips to boost your skills and get ready for the job market:

  1. Practice Using Technology

If you already possess some of the fundamental abilities mentioned above, you may think about just applying them more frequently. For instance, try practicing video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom to improve your skills before an interview. The more you practice the more confident you feel and you use3 technology when it counts for your job.

       2. Watch Free Tutorial

Online lessons on how to use various technologies are widely available for free. Many of them are accessible via a fast Google search or on YouTube. On corporate websites, you can find others. For instance, have a look at Microsoft’s PDF guides and tutorials for usage advice for using certain products.

       3. Attend a (free) Class

To determine whether they have courses on computer literacy or ICT skills, check with your neighborhood community college or public library. Several of these are complimentary or discounted for locals. But, try some of the free techniques first before spending money on a class.

      4. Ask a Friend

Another option is to enlist the help of a friend who is more expert in the relevant technologies. For instance, ask a friend who frequently uses their phone for some basic advice if you are uncomfortable using yours.



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